Running shoes are not favored? Running Nike Air Max 90 Men

Running shoes are not favored? Running shoes are the most beautiful in this
Speaking of shoes, many people do not have any impression. Impression of the traditional running shoes, clumsy stature, color bleak. But in the past two years, running shoes gradually into a “fashion circle”, the major fashion, bloggers, street shooting stars can be seen in their shadow. The value of the Yen and the level of satisfaction of running shoes, directly determines our movement expression. Come over the United States in the following nine selected one pair of running shoes, 2016 to add a little horsepower.
1, Nike sports shoes lightweight cushioning
Mint green and pink girl’s heart is always good. The woman running shoes with full palm PHYLON midsole technology, excellent damping effect, build reliable protection for the feet, superior support and stability help to further enhance the strength of your movement. Abrasion rubber outsole, cement road can manage.
2, Skechers D’lites fashion running shoes
Korean popular and people had time to discuss, and now the children as long as the back of a computer bag, wearing a pair of Skechers, you can pretend Korean. SKECHERS absolutely beautiful boy who is a Korean standard, simple-minded, bread shoes, thick soles, pencil pants perfect match, tidal range full. Tired of watching filled with black and white color, this double turn dark gray fur is a good choice.

Nike Womens Running Shoes
3, Nike Air Nike Store Online Max
Nike Air Max is enduring style, not only for sports, but also for the street. Phosphor very conspicuous, if the whole body dark, it would be nice embellishment. But Air Max weight are more suitable for larger girls, because air requires a large weight to oppression, will have the best performance.
4, Adidas Revenergy Boost
This fall, Adidas launched a series of pink running shoes, shoes almost every paragraph has a matte finish, won the majority of girls pink heart. The Revenergy Boost uses watermelon pink, look more lively number. Boost soles good elasticity, comfortable, breathable fabric uppers excellent, my mother no longer have to worry about running out of my sweat.
5, Adidas Blade
After the “Hurry Up, Brother” in Blade Runner Fan Ye feet enough can be said to grab the eye, pink shoes, shoe forms never seen before, people looked on foot wanted to try, of course, also tried Jiaogan that does not disappoint, 16 independent and coordinated like a Nike Products blade that can store and release more energy when you run out of every step, providing endless impetus feet.
6, Nike Zoom running shoes Nike Air Max 2010 woman
Nike Air Zoom is a core technology for the wearer to provide excellent cushioning effect. The shoes also Tongshen watermelon red, all mesh to ensure breathability, and very similar to Adidas Revenergy Boost, Zoom shape is more heavy, you could choose according to different preferences.
7, Nike Roshe Run Issey Miyake
When was it first saw this pair of shoes to the United States. The classic pattern apply to Issey Miyake’s classic Nike Roshe Run shoes, this color value is not Nike Free 3.0 sei up. Irregular polygon relief printing there is serpentine, that is, as the flu, there are black crystal dazzling bright light, keeping Roshe Run foot feeling comfortable, the price is right.
8, PUMA R698 autumn and winter shoes
As a sports giant Puma brand, in the field of running shoes has been very low key. This is probably the autumn and winter double R698 Yen Puma running shoes peak value. Retro exterior design, everyday wear very wild. Turn fur surface, ink soles, dark blue deep, noble purple, pink art, I wanted to try the brand outside of the mainstream sports shoes, choose it right.
9, Nike running shoes retro Wallace
Wallace is very good sense of the parcel, wearing light and comfortable, equipped with Air-Sole cushion combination brings cushioning experience, but also one pair of good shoes suitable concave shape. Darth Vader and white gives the neat feeling, so in the winter you can Dachu street tidal range.
10, New Balance 580 running shoes retro
New Balance 580 is more than 574 classic and modern tech shoes. In the end the use of two materials, soft and elastic white forefoot region, played the role of cushioning, the heel is very good at home using N REV-Lite Wyatt Technology playful epicenter bottom. Retro shoes with mint green is a literary overlay, young artists must have.
Is Air Force 1 Flyknit, NIKE SportWear doubt for next month will be the debut of the Air Force 1 series facelift done preheating, overwhelmed, the help version of shoes there “Multicolor” color physical release, in its entirety use the white frame, and ice Nike Shox Women blue outsole coupled with details of the modification, the essence of Flyknit prepare the introduction of multi-colored uppers material detail rendering, the whole is more than refreshing it with dazzling effect;
For many people working in the field, the road is long and Spring home far away, if you have a pair of fit and lightweight shoes can stay with their Nike Europe own, even if you want to walk a long way, the pace of this on the road also becomes a lot easier.
1.New Balance 373 series of casual sports shoes
New Balance 373 sneakers series considered its most classic of a home, the quality of rubber bottom, slip resistant. Mesh and synthetic upper, lightweight and breathable. Colors are red, blue two color options, size is 36-44, boys and girls will find the right money.
2.Saucony retro female models running shoes
Saucony Saucony brand enjoys “the Rolls Royce of sports shoes” reputation in the United States. The Retro series of running shoes cattle leather upper, nylon material, material is enough to Nike Running wear in the feet very soft and very comfortable, very light. The only drawback is a little more rigid soles.
3.Fila 500 series running shoes retro female models
Fila Fila is the world’s top ten sports brands. The retro sports shoes toe using U-shaped edging, to protect toes from injury in sports, printed with rubber outsole logo and wear non-slip. Very light wear in the feet, mesh upper, long wear will not feel stuffy feet.
4.Asics Aaron sports shoes
Aaron Asics Asics shoes are the most popular family classic. Whether it is red with blue or red with green, wear in the feet are particularly preppy feel. Imported synthetic leather upper is stitched together with tiny holes above, walking up and Womens Nike Free very soft and breathable, but also especially durable.
5.Vans Faulkner men’s shoes
Faulkner skateboard shoes and black classic Vans Vans is different. Faulkner’s EVA midsole has good flexibility, tongue and collar are made thicker design, to better support the ankle. In addition to very comfortable to wear on their feet, but its color is also particularly festive atmosphere.
6.Puma Suede shoes
If you think of canvas shoes too simple, Puma Puma shoes, this will not let you down. Suede leather upper floor, let the shoes look more texture, more fashionable side of the shoe bronzing logo. Colors are red, black and two optional, it is suitable for both boys and girls models.
7. retro shoes Onitsuka Tiger
Onitsuka Tiger X-CALIBER retro jogging shoes, running shoes developed in 1982 as a prototype, an increase of interesting midsole and forefoot pores designed to improve the flexibility of the shoe. Heel decompression holes, can improve the cushioning properties of the outer and the inner stability, although the overall wear very comfortable, but it will be some high and rigid soles.
8.Loftime female models thick crust casual shoes
Girls favorite is wearing a significantly higher increase, but do not see the shoes. Loftime classic sports shoes, matte leather stitching uppers, composite rubber outsole, inside insoles, to ensure comfortable walking in the case, as you quietly increased a few centimeters.

Nike Womens Shoes
9.Sbenu S-Line elevated casual shoes
Sbenu sports brands from Korea. The red, white and blue sneakers increased spell color design, wear in the feet very young and beautiful, full of college wind. It also increased within design, increased 5cm, let you instantly become big legs.
10.Pony retro running shoes
A good pair of shoes will determine the comfort of travel, this interpretation of the Pony retro never quit jogging shoes popular tide retro style, men and women are appropriate to wear, comfortable, breathable shoes, heel to increase balance sheet, stable function better.

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